Guy P. Cormier

Guy P. Cormier


Dedicated to your personal and financial freedom.

Guy Cormier is Mr Tax Guy.

With over twenty years experience in the finance and banking industry, fluent in French and English, Guy is known for his customer service excellence and friendly professionalism.

Guy has an exceptional eye for detail and a solid understanding of small business, individual and professional tax reporting needs, offering timely personalized tax and accounting services.

Life can be complicated. Guy makes life easier for you by simplifying your tax process, filing your returns and establishing good bookkeeping practices. This is to make Life easier for you, so that you can focus on what matters most to you, both in your business and your personal life.

The customized services Guy offers are designed to free you from worry and administrative tasks.

Guy Cormier is Mr Tax Guy... trusted tax and bookkeeping expertise.

Personal & Small Business Tax Returns, Advice & Bookkeeping

Pay Less Tax... Live More... Worry Less...

A French flag with a star: it's the Acadian flag! My family came to Acadia (a region of the Maritime provinces of eastern Canada) in the 17th century to settle permanently. My family tree, with more than 5,000 identified ancestors, shows that the majority come from France, with a few families from Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium and Portugal. Difficult as it is to establish the presence of ancestors from Aboriginal nations (because they, unfortunately, changed names when they adopted the Christian faith), I was still able to identify a few.